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We are Communication Catalysts*. A highly qualified team of professionals with the mindset and managerial levers you need to develop an innovative communication culture. Our dedication, expertise, and knowledge, in addition to key partnerships, ensures only top of the line services.

We combine CREATIVITY, MEDIA, and DIGITAL MARKETING streams as a speed language to achieve our customers’ goals.

* A catalyst causes or accelerates activity between two or more people or forces. Communication is the primary catalyst for anything that requires the coordinated effort of people.


Our essential purpose is to accelerate business success through valuable conversations and build a strategy to act.


“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it”, said George Lucas. Dreams are extremely important, and we can investigate transforming them into inventions. Inventing ideas for achieving your purpose. People will not support your idea because you know it’s valuable. People will support your idea when they can see how your idea will advance their purposes.


Reinvent your identity. Simulate, compare, improve, and then dedicate time, money, and talent to commit to your goals.


Here budget is the policy.

Technological paths

At easier, cheaper, and faster we add real communication value under scope, using AI or/and innovative digital solutions thinking with a human mind. Using the power of words through technological achievements to enhance communication and not technological achievements to eliminate the power of words.

Professional development

Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or change roles or sectors, a structured process to identify problems and generate wide-ranging solution ideas, it’s our part to help you creatively find solutions and apply design thinking. The method will be equally applicable to the development of strategies, products, processes, or even socio-technical systems*.

* “Socio-technical theory has at its core the idea that the design and performance of any organisational system can only be understood and improved if both 'social' and 'technical' aspects are brought together and treated as interdependent parts of a complex system.” (Leeds University Business School)

Find your truth

Open communication leads to better efficiency since it can enhance trust and increase the commitment of a person under a scope. Constructive feedback and criticism, especially at a community level (work environment, citizens group, etc.) builds stronger bonds and increases productivity (even of an idea).


Our Process


Researching and brainstorming / a chain reaction of ideas


Intersection of purpose to value formulas


Focused on performance


Engage, clarify and launch


Analysis to Adjust

Valuable results demand a well-organized and focused process in a timely manner.

To perform and implement the generated idea, it is necessitated to follow specific, targeted steps.




I had the pleasure to work with Effie on the documentary The Greeks. Her amazing attitude, energy, sense of urgency, work ethics, respect for others and attention to details were qualities that I could see everyday for the duration of the project. Without a home base we traveled for over 40 days allover the US and Canada and Effie was always steps ahead of the game setting up interviews and making travel arrangements prior to our arrival. Managing the crew, reporting back to ERT seven to ten time zones away, never seemed to bother her and she did all that with a smile on her face and a great sense of accomplishment.

Samer Younes Technical Adviser, Al Kass Sports Channels (QAT)

As a Technical Adviser in Al Kass Sports Channels, I am responsible for the overall management, design, budgeting, technical direction, and successful coordination of all production. I have worked very closely with Mrs. Effie Zikouli during the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)_Dec 2014_Doha, Qatar 2015 FINA airweave Swimming World Cup Doha (QAT)_Nov 2015 Hamad Aquatic Centre Doha (QAT), while she was Head of Media Operations.

Effie was incredibly efficient in her role and consistently provided solutions in high-demanding issues that occurred. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and had a productive and friendly working relationship with my team. She always had an incredibly positive and can-do approach to any demands by us.

Further to her skills, her knowledge on technology and TV production, made our collaboration more efficient and I was impressed with her ability to analyze, solve problems and making creative decisions.

Moreover, her adaptability in the customs of Qatar was immediate. She will make an excellent addition to any team.

Effie Zikouli is an effective international media relations and operations professional. Having worked with her on the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece, she proved to me time and time again that she had the ability to find solutions in the most challenging and stressful situations. With less than 60 days out from the Opening Ceremony of an event similar in size to an Olympic Games, Effie was able to create media operations at more than 20 venues and service nearly 1000 foreign and domestic media. She has a broad knowledge of media operations and needs during high profile events and handles the lifestyle of events with ease.

Effie also have an engaging personality and is able to connect with many different types of people. I highly recommend Ms. Zikouli as she would be an asset to any organization and team.

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